1. The Cemetery Association reserves the right to prohibit the erection of any monument or marker considered by the Board of Directors as inappropriate either in material, workmanship, or location or which might interfere with the general effect or obstruct any principal view of the cemetery.
  2. All Monuments are the property of the individual purchaser. The Cemetery is not responsible for the upkeep of any monument All expenses incurred to keep monumentation from becoming unsightly through weather, vandalism, general deterioration or any other cause is the full responsibility of the owner. The Cemetery will only act when monumentation becomes a danger to persons or property within the cemetery as stated in its Rules and Regulations.
  3. RIGHT TO REMOVE: Should any monument, marker or other memorial become unsightly, dilapidated, or a safety hazard to visitors, the cemetery shall have the right at the expense of the lot owner to correct the condition or to remove the same.
  4. No monument will be placed upon a lot until the lot is fully paid and a Certificate issued. Only one monument, which must be of proper design, material and workmanship, shall be erected on lots where permitted and oversized monuments shall be placed under the direc¬tion of the Grounds Foreman. Monuments must be placed in the center of the lot Exceptions to this rule are made only where a lot is irregular in shape or where a tree may occupy the center.
  5. Lot owners who contemplate the erection of any monument or marker should first ascertain from the cemetery office whether same will be allowed before they close a contract for the erection of either. Monument privilege varies in different sections and on different sized lots. It is very important to check with the cemetery office regarding what type and size monument is allowed. This will avoid mistakes
    and possible disappointments.
  6. The Cemetery may reject any plan or design of a proposed marker which shall be determined to be undesirable or unsuited to the general appearance of the surrounding lots or graves. Legal names only are allowed, no nicknames permitted. Any subsequent placement made without prior approval deemed to be in violation of this article shall be removed without notice.
  7. No pictures or photographs allowed on monuments or headstones. No symbol, character, verse, saying, poetry or design (such as animals) not considered conducive to the image of a Catholic ceme¬tery will be allowed. No raised letters allowed on markers flush with the ground
  8. No monument, marker, pot, urn, or embellishment may have col¬oring material applied to it Lithochrome is not allowed. Transparent highlight, if approved, may be used.
  9. All monuments must be built of granite, marble or some other durable stone. Memorials of cement. artificial stone, wood or other metal will not be permitted.
  10. Applications for foundations must be made on forms provided
    by the Cemetery Office and such application must be submitted to the Secretary for approval. Dealers are required to furnish for approval a sketch of proposed monument or headstone, specifying size, inscrip¬tion, design and size of the foundation required. Before ordering monumental work, it is advisable to become informed of the particular regulation governing its section on which it is proposed to erect monument or markers.
  11. All foundations for monuments and markers will be constructed by Cemetery Association employees. If any fault resulting from improper installation of a foundation by the Cemetery within five years from date of installation, the cemetery shall rectify the condition without cost to the lot owner.
  12. The monument contractor, before placing marble or granite base, shall check all foundation sizes should any discrepancy occur, report same to the cemetery office which will then make the necessary corrections.
  13. Marble or granite base (resting on concrete) shall be cut level so as to insure a solid bearing. All bases are to have a minimum of 6 inch thickness. No rough bottom headstones, they must be smooth.
  14. The monument contractors shall furnish and place all necessary wedging and set all marble and granite in a manner known to monument workers to produce a first-class job in every way. All joints must be sealed against moisture with non-staining materials.
  15. Obstructions caused by any monument dealer or erection contrac¬tor to avenues, roads and walks must be made as slight as possible and no unnecessary delay in removing such obstruction will be permitted after the work has been completed. When monument work has been completed, the lot and surrroundings must be restored to the same condition as before work was commenced, such restoration to be at the expense of the contractor.
  16. Guy ropes must not be fastened to post, fences or monuments. A special permit to fasten to trees must be obtained from the Grounds Foreman, and trees must be properly padded for their protection.
  17. No work will be allowed in any section, lot or grave when the ground is wet and soft. No monumental work sha1l be delivered to the Cemetery until foundation for the same is completed and the contractor is ready to proceed with the work of setting the monument Exception to this rule would be markers set by the cemetery employ¬ees. No monument may be brought into the Cemetery on Sundays unless permission granted by the cemetery office.
  18. Monument dealers or manufacturer’s cards or advertisements of any kind shall not be cut or placed on any monument, marker or mausoleum, nor anywhere within the cemetery grounds. Soliciting within the Cemetery by monument dealers or agents is strictly forbidden.
  19. Monument contractors must carry Public Liability and Property Damage Policy which will protect the Cemetery Association against any accident or damage caused by such contractor or his employees while performing work in the cemetery. No foundation application will be approved until this rule has been complied with and proof of insurance has been submitted.
  20. The Cemetery reserves the right to exclude from the Cemetery any dealer or agent in monuments, headstones. markers, etc., who does not observe strictly the rules and regulations of said Cemetery.
  21. The Cemetery reserves the right to rebuild, reset, or repair all foundations.
  22. All persons are forbidden to sit upon monuments or headstones whether upon their lot or grave or the lot or grave of others.
  23. The Trustees reserve the privilege to stop all construction and setting of monument between November 10th and April 1st Any work set during these months will be allowed only be special arrangements with the Cemetery authorities.